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[Fab-user] A set of assorted questions.

From: Jorge Vargas
Subject: [Fab-user] A set of assorted questions.
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 23:11:53 -0400


I'm new here but not a newbie :) Let me tell you I'm failing on love
with fabric, this is something I have been wanting for a long time (I
even wrote a prototype, but got stuck at the ssh stuff that you guys
fix!), when Paver came along I though it was my solution but that
turned out to be for packaging rather than build a smart cli on the
server, for boring repetitive tasks.

So here are a couple of random questions, in no particular order

note from the future: I just read the TODO for the ones mark as * seem
to be solved there, but I'm leaving here if someone wants to elaborate

1- is there a place where people post their fabfiles? it will be
awesome if we could have some sort of recipes page maybe something
like http://dotfiles.org/
2- how can I run something on a single host chosen at runtime? Ideally
I'll like to prompt the user for an abbreviation of the known hosts
which will expand into the real host
3- how people handle path manipulations and repetitions of commands.
any thoughts on integrating http://pypi.python.org/pypi/path.py/2.2 ?
4- how about a shell command? that will execute some stuff then drop
you to a bash shell (or python?) *
5- I just read the archives and got a little scared by 0.9, is it
not-production ready as in "use at your own risk" or is it "it will
break your environment as it's half done"
6- I don't know about the 0.1 codebase but I read pretty much all of
0.9 and it's really nice and clean. Great to hack on it awesome work.
7- from the alpha notes file in the repo I'm interested in a "fabfile"
package instead of a module. something you can use to have a huge set
of commands organized into a directory. This way people can work on
generic commands, for example "hg" or "svn" or "apache", etc?

anyway awesome work and I'm looking forward in using fabric for some
real stuff soon.

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