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Re: [Fab-user] Virtualenv Use Case

From: Jorge Vargas
Subject: Re: [Fab-user] Virtualenv Use Case
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 23:22:03 -0400

My apologies if this messages is read as a new thread. I have no idea
how to reply to a older ML post with mailman, without setting my OS to
go to gmail for mailto links. oh well some standards never catch up...

Anyway after reading the venv thread I realized that the OP is missing
a (quite uncommon feature of venv, which you normally get to after
reading the source or a lot of thought on it).

A virtualenv is nothing more than a "private python" since python (the
binary) is copied over into the venv it *knows* where it's lib and bin
and ... directories are. Which translates into two things.
1- from the python executable the environment is exactly as it should
be, which was the flaw of previous packages like workingenv and I
2- activating the venv (aka source bin/activate, or workon) is a
convenience to tell your shell what you are doing. it is totally

so if you run /path/to/your/virtualenv/bin/python setup.py develop, it
will do the right thing.

PS: this is pure venv it should work on fabric. I'll test it in a while :)

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