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[fluid-dev] fluid~ - GPL'd soundfont external for Pd and Max/MSP

From: Frank Barknecht
Subject: [fluid-dev] fluid~ - GPL'd soundfont external for Pd and Max/MSP
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 23:15:25 +0200
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I'm pleased to announce the first test version of a cross platform
external called "fluid~" that provides soundfont synthesis using the
advanced fluidsynth library.

This is a source-code only release for most systems except Pd on
Linux, because I only have access to a Linux system with developer
tools, no Mac, no Windows.

_ ___ whassit?__

fluid~ is an external build around the free fluidsynth soundfont
synthesizer available on www.fluidsynth.org Soundfonts collect
digitally sampled instruments. fluid~ converts Pd or (x)Max to a
fullblown orchestra with just a single external.

To build binaries of fluid, the cross platform external wrapper flext
is needed as well. flext is freely (GPL) available at
http://www.parasitaere-kapazitaeten.net/Pd/ext or in the pure-data.cvs

Currently fluid~ is in an early test stage, but in its prior
incarnation under the name "iiwu~" it has proven to be stable for
several months.

As I only have and use Pd on Linux, I'd be really thankful, if some
smart Max-developer would give me a hand (a big hand, actually) in
providing (x)Max versions of fluid~, and the same goes for a Windows
version of fluid~ for Pd.

_ ___getting it __

Source and the Pd binary are available either from this URL:

or without the Pd/Linux-binary in source only form at the Pure Data
cvs on Sourceforge: http://pure-data.sourceforge.net

Instructions for checking out the source are available on this site,
as well. In short checking out fluid goes like this: 

$ cvs -d:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/pure-data login
[no password]
$ cvs -z3 -d:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/pure-data co 

_ __the thankyous __ 

Credits, thanks and props go out to Peter Hanappe, the primary author
of fluid, and to Larry Troxler, author of the older iiwu~ external, on
which much of this is based, and of course to the "flext-ernal master"
Thomas Grill.

 Frank Barknecht                               _ ______footils.org__

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