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Re: [fluid-dev] [linux-audio-user] fluidsynth sound breaks on disk/cpu

From: Frank Barknecht
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] [linux-audio-user] fluidsynth sound breaks on disk/cpu intense operation
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 23:16:35 +0200
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Peter Hanappe hat gesagt: // Peter Hanappe wrote:

> Another problem is that the X server often runs with a nice value of -10
> and interrupts the synthesizer. Josh already noted this to me. 
> I'll have to check that the real-time scheduling of the synth works as 
> supposed.

I also got not real dropouts but underlying noise in fluid when doing
heavy X action (switching virtual desktops and the like). Does anyone
here know quickly how to set X to a lower nice-setting? (NOt renice,
but right when it starts...) I know Ii can RTFM, but if someone
already did that... ;)

 Frank Barknecht                               _ ______footils.org__

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