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Re: [fluid-dev] external effects

From: Peter Hanappe
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] external effects
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 12:28:31 +0100
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Conrad Berhörster wrote:
Hello all,

today a question to the conceptional programmers.
Is it possibile to plug in external effects into Fluidsynth. i want to write my own effects and use them between the Fluid sequencer and the Fluid output rendering. If not, can someone explain, how much work it would be, to intergrate an effect chain.
thanks c~

Hi Conrad,

I think there are four options:

First, you can use the LADSPA capabilities of the synthesizer that were
added by Markus Nentwig. You'll have to compile FluidSynth with LADSPA
support. This extension allows you to construct an effects chain in a
very generic way. Markus wrote a design doc that explains its use but I
haven't got it here with me now. I should add this doc to CVS.
If you have writen your own effects, it shouldn't be hard to convert
it to a LADSPA plugin.

Second, you could write your own application that creates a synthesizer
object but handles its own audio output (you can reuse the audio drivers
in the fluidsynth library). You grab the audio output from the synth,
add the effect and pass the sound to the audio driver. Writing such an
application is not very hard as you probably know since you
rewrote the documentation! I can give you more help on this option if
you like.

Third, use the fluid~ object in combination with Pure-Data. Write your
effect in Pure-Data. For more info on the fluid~ object, check out
Frank Barknecht's site at http://www.footils.org/cgi-bin/cms/?show_article=17.

Last, use the synth with JACK and write another JACK client for the

I hope this gives you some clues,


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