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[fluid-dev] Re: fluidsynth on mac OS X

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: [fluid-dev] Re: fluidsynth on mac OS X
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 13:19:45 -0600

>> clavier -o - | fluidsynth -a coreaudio -m midishare <sound font>

   I don't think any sound can be produced from fluidsynth as yet.
   Even though there is no problem for fluidsynth to become a client
   in Jack, there is no MIDI driver for fluidsynth (previously known
   as msSynthDriver) in the present version of MidiShare.


   St├ęphane Letz informs me that this is under active development at
   the moment.

Great!  I do read the fluidsynth list from time to time (it doesn't
seem to be that high traffic).  So I'll keep my ears tuned for MIDI
sounds coming from fluidsynth in the near future.

   By the way, I was unable to access your URL 

Oops!  I was tinkering with my site a little.  The new link is


Thanks for your correspondence.

Joe Corneli

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