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[fluid-dev] Re: fluidsynth on mac OS X

From: Ebrahim Mayat
Subject: [fluid-dev] Re: fluidsynth on mac OS X
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 00:21:02 +0200

On Mar 16, 2004, at 9:42 PM, Josh Green wrote:

Notice: Its using the coreaudio driver, not Jack. You probably need to run FluidSynth with "-a jack", note that the jack audio server needs to
be running. It would be interesting though to get your input about what it sounds like with the coreaudio driver. Last I tried it, it sounded
very bad (lots of static, even after turning the FluidSynth gain way down).

With the following settings:
> settings
audio.output-channels 2
audio.periods 16
audio.sample-format 16bits
audio.period-size 64
audio.jack.multi no
audio.jack.id fluidsynth
audio.input-channels 0
audio.driver coreaudio/jack
midi.driver midishare
synth.reverb.active yes
synth.ladspa.active no
synth.midi-channels 16
synth.polyphony 256
synth.sample-rate 44100.000000
synth.verbose no
synth.chorus.active yes
synth.effects-channels 2
synth.gain 0.200000
synth.audio-channels 1
synth.dump no
synth.audio-groups 1
shell.prompt >
shell.port 9800
I'm happy to say that the audio is crystal clear with both jack and coreaudio.

% fluidsynth -a jack
fluidsynth: debug: Using 'jack' audio driver

fluidsynth: debug: Jack engine sample rate: 44100

fluidsynth: debug: Using 'midishare' midi driver
> load /Users/ebrahimm/Desktop/sf2demos/dblissdemo.sf2
loaded SoundFont has ID 0
> noteon 0 60 127
> noteoff 0 60 127
> noteon 0 80 100
% fluidsynth
fluidsynth: debug: Using 'coreaudio' audio driver

cannot connect to jack server
cannot connect to default JACK server
> load Found new FastLane device 0x4003
Using FastLane device 0x4003
loaded SoundFont has ID 0
> noteon 0 60 127
> noteon 0 72 120
> noteoff 0 72 120

If there is some way I could save these events as audiofiles, I'd be glad to send them to you.

Best Regards.

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