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Re: [fluid-dev] Other than OSS or ALSA on Linux ???

From: Josh Green
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Other than OSS or ALSA on Linux ???
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 11:07:44 -0700

On Tue, 2004-04-27 at 05:52, Tiemo Krüger - mycable GmbH wrote:
> Hi,
> after successfully compiling fluidsynth for x86 and mips I was able to
> use it on my x86-Desktop but not on my embedded-device.
> The audio-driver for my device (Au1500 CPU with AC97 CODEC directly 
> connected)
> has just a 'normal' audio driver, but no one for ALSA or OSS.

I've used this mips CPU myself for Linux projects (actually the AU1100).
The audio driver is OSS based. Unfortunately the CPU does not have a
floating point unit. FluidSynth uses floating point rather heavily, so
it will most likely not run with any usable performance (due to FPU
emulation overhead). I believe at one time Peter Hanappe or Markus
Nentwig converted FluidSynth to using integer math as a test. I'm not
sure what the state of this is though. I am also interested in getting
FluidSynth running on my mips AU1100.

Does Peter or Markus have any information on using FluidSynth with
integer math? It would be a cool feature for embedded FPU-less systems.

> Can't I use fluidsynth with this? After debugging fluidsynth with a lot
> different configuration options it mostly stuck inside
> new_fluid_audio_driver
> I found a AUFILE_SUPPORT functionality which could be used instead of the
> other Soundsystems. Is this meant to use simple audio devices? Unfortunatly
> the belonging functions:
> delete_fluid_file_audio_driver
> new_fluid_file_audio_driver
> are not available.
> Does anyone know more about this???
> Tiemo

Hmm, not sure what is causing those problems. I would think the OSS
driver should theoretically work. Regards,
        Josh Green

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