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Re: minor FluidSynth sponsorship opportunity (Re: [fluid-dev] Tickets, p

From: josh
Subject: Re: minor FluidSynth sponsorship opportunity (Re: [fluid-dev] Tickets, project status, and 1.1.0)
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2009 16:08:50 -0700
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Hello Kevin,

Quoting Kevin Fishburne <address@hidden>:
      address@hidden wrote: Hello Kevin,

I did some research on these parameters by also looking at the source
code.  The FluidSynth C API differs as far as the allowable ranges for
some reverb/chorus parameters in comparison to the command interface.
This seems like a bug to me.

 Thanks Josh, hopefully soon you'll all be able to check out my new
app, to which I've found nothing comparable yet. QSynth gets the job
done, but it has some bugs and SoundFont management isn't really
present yet. I sent you the $25, so spend it wisely (on beer, for

I'd like to see your app. It sounds like a useful program. Swami also has the goal of providing SoundFont management and library support, but after all these years in development, it still isn't complete.

- rev_setlevel command takes -31.0 to 31.0 but the code clamps this
value between 0.0 and 1.0, so that is the actual usable range.
 When you say "clamps" do you mean it scales the input values from
the -31.0 to 31.0 range to the 0.0 to 1.0 range or that it clips
input values that are outside the 0.0 to 1.0 range? For example, were
the former the case it would do something like:

realvalue = (inputvalue + 31) / 63

Were the latter the case then it would assume that a value less than
0.0 is equal to 0.0 and a value higher than 1.0 is equal to 1.0. I
need to know if I should feed the command values between 0.0 and 1.0
or -31.0 to 31.0.

The latter is the case. If any value less than 0.0 is received, 0.0 is assumed, above 1.0, 1.0 is assumed.

- cho_set_nr is not Chorus delay from what I know.  Its actually the
number of Chorus "voices".
 I pulled that info from the Chorus section of the UserManual on the
Documentation page. It describes the /cho_set_nr/ command as "Use n
delay lines (default 3)". Is there such a command/parameter as
"delay," or is cho_set_nr the only other available setting for chorus
other that what we've already discussed? If so, should it better be
described as "chorus voices" then?

The Chorus code was adapted from some other existing code. From what I can tell there was originally a Delay parameter which was separate from the NR parameter. It likely controlled when the effect actually kicked in or something. It is not used in FluidSynth. It seems to me like number of chorus "delay lines" and number of chorus "voices" describe the same thing. I'm definitely not an expert on the Chorus effect, so perhaps my terminology is faulty also. At any rate, increasing NR causes the chorus effect to have more voices.

Thanks for the excellent info and I'll post the source and executable
of my app as soon as it's ready for use. It's programmed in GAMBAS,
which although is an awesome language/app it doesn't seem to be as
widely used as I'd like it to be. Luckily the GAMBAS runtime is in
the Debian and Ubuntu repositories so my app should be immediately
usable by newbies.

Great.  Glad you are finding FluidSynth useful and improving upon it.


        Eight Virtues

phone:  http://sales.eightvirtues.com[1]
 (770) 853-6271

Josh Green

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