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Re: [fluid-dev] Fluidsynth in Windows

From: josh
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Fluidsynth in Windows
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 21:03:12 -0800
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Hello Nils,

Nice to hear that you are using FluidSynth in your project. Feel free to register an account and add a link and description to Denemo on the FluidSynth Applications page:

First off.  What version of FluidSynth are you using?

Quoting Nils <address@hidden>:
(This is posted on two lists)

Denemo http://www.denemo.org , Free and Open Source Notation Editor and Lilypond Frontend, has now (beta) a built-in fluidsynth sampler to provide fast, zero-configure audio output after installing and without the need of JACK or other "experts" system. With the help of GUB (http://lilypond.org/gub/) I built Denemo with Fluidsynth crossplattform for Windows and installed it succesfully.

After choosing a .sf2 manually:

-Most important first: Portaudio support is compiled in and works partly. The sound is distorted, sounds like repitition of samples. The pitch is correct, speed/bpm too. I can only guess but I think this has to do with the bitrate. Jeremiah, How do I access additional fluidsynth settings to test that? Fluidsynth-Devs: What is the best way to provide correct sound out-of-the-box on Windows?

I tried Portaudio on Linux and also experienced problems with FluidSynth. Although in my case it was that all Portaudio applications would lock up after playing briefly, so I don't think that was FluidSynth specific. My guess is that in your case, the audio buffer might be too small, for the system to keep up with, so audio dropouts are occurring. Try setting audio.period-size to something larger like 512 or 1024.

-Fluidsynth chooses "dsound" as default driver (which is not even in the dropdown list) but this does not produce any sound on my out-of-the-box Windows 7 Laptop with internal AC97 soundcard. Don't know why. Maybe its because dsound.h came from WINE and not from the directX SDK?

I've tested dsound driver under Windows and it seems to work. I'm not sure why you aren't getting any sound. I've only used the DirectX SDK myself, but would love to know if there is a way to get the wine headers working. Downloading a huge SDK just for a stupid little header file is ridiculous!

-On Windows ALSA, OSS, Pulseaudio and JACK are still in the dropdown list. JACK works on Windows (but not yet inmy fluid-build) but the rest not. Its only confusing to have them in there.

The audio.driver and midi.driver settings can be queried for a list of supported drivers, allowing for drop downs or whatever to be populated dynamically.

-In a future release we have to clean up the settings and menus. This is already known by the Denemo Team but not for the Fluidsynth Team. The preferences are scattered, sometimes useless, sometimes redundant, sometimes confusing (/dev/midi on Windows?)

FluidSynth has always had a fairly complete settings API for querying parameters, their types and values. Starting with FluidSynth 1.1.0 though, a lot of cleanup has occurred in regards to the settings "hints" (for example, if its a string with options, a toggle boolean value, etc). Of note though is that 1.1.0 has some issues which will be addressed in the soon to be released 1.1.1.

try it for yourselves: http://www.nilsgey.de/denemo-beta-0.8.11.exe
Fluid Team: Feedback for the whole software is happily accepted.

I'll give this a try, next time I boot up my VirtualBox environment and remember to enable the virtual sound card :)

Nils Gey

Josh Green

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