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Re: [fluid-dev] FluidSynth 1.1.2 release planning

From: David Henningsson
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] FluidSynth 1.1.2 release planning
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 19:35:33 +0200
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2010-07-16 17:29, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas skrev:
> On Friday, July 16, 2010, Elimar Green wrote:
>> It would be nice to have the MSVC projects working.  I have struggled
>> in the past to keep this going, despite the fact I don't personally
>> use it.  Fixing it could be deferred to a later release though.
> I think that I've explained this before, but let me clarify this issue one  
> more time.
> There is a directory in the SVN, named "winbuild" containing these hand made  
> project files:
> * fluidsynth.sln, a VS2008 solution and its MSVC projects (*.vcproj)
> * fluidsynth.dsw, a VC6.0 workspace and its MSVC projects (*.dsp)
> After the last directory reorganisation and new sources were added, these 
> hand 
> made projects are broken. Is that a problem for Windows users using MSVC 
> compilers? No! because there is a new CMake based build system which works in 
> Windows, has nice GUI front-ends, and can create MSVC projects/solutions. The 
> same build system can be used to generate a set of Makefiles for MinGW, and 
> it generates Makefiles for Linux, too!

So if we were to remove the winbuild directory altogether, is there
anything we would lose? Anything which wouldn't work as good as the
hand-made ones?

If not, I suggest we do so (or move the dir into "unused"), and put a
note in the README file. And a simple guide (just a few lines) in
README.cmake for generating the project file(s).

Does that sound fair enough to everyone?

> Anyway, I'm not going to maintain the MSVC hand made project files but if 
> somebody wants to do so, I don't mind.

Yeah, I would also prefer not having to update more build systems.

// David

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