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Re: [fluid-dev] stereo sounds and panning

From: David Henningsson
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] stereo sounds and panning
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 07:58:32 +0200
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On 06/18/2012 12:19 AM, Antoine Schmitt wrote:
Hi all,
I'm wondering about the usage of fluidsynth to pan stereo sounds.

The way I integrate sounds samples in fluidXtra (pluging for Adobe
Director) without using sfonts is by creating a ramsfont preset which
contains the sample. That was actually the first reason to introduce the
ramsfont in fluidsynth.

I have a problem for panning stero sounds using this method. WHat I do
for stereo sounds is creating a ramsfont preset with two samples
attached to the preset, one fully pre-panned to the left and the other
one fully pre-panned to the right, using generators :

fluid_ramsfont_izone_set_gen(ramsf, bank, presetNum, sampleL, GEN_PAN,
fluid_ramsfont_izone_set_gen(ramsf, bank, presetNum, sampleR, GEN_PAN,

This is fine until I try to dynamically pan the preset. If I fully pan
it to the left for exemple, it adds -500 to the pre-pan on both samples,
and the left sample gets panned to -1000, which gets maxed to -500, and
the right sample gets panned to 0. This gives a preset that sounds 50%
panned to the left, and not 100% to the left as one would expect.

I'm not sure, first of the right behavior for panning on stereo sounds,
and second on the best way to do it either using fluidsynth API as it
is, if possible, and if not how to modify fluidsynth to do the right
thing, using for example, the FLUID_SAMPLETYPE_RIGHT and
FLUID_SAMPLETYPE_LEFT values for the sampletype member of the
_fluid_sample_t struct, which are not used anywhere in fluidsynth actually.

Any idea ?

Hmm, interesting problem.

With the disclaimer that I have not gone to the SF2 spec to research this, what is actually the desired behaviour here, is it

1) Have a mix of the left and right samples both sounding in the left channel, or

2) Have only the left sample sounding in the left channel (the right panned sample being silent/unhearable)?

// David

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