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Re: [fluid-dev] Windows SoundFont VSTi's

From: Ebrahim Mayat
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Windows SoundFont VSTi's
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 07:17:13 -0400

On Oct 31, 2012, at 3:28 AM, S. Christian Collins wrote:

I've downloaded them all... every single SoundFont-compatible VSTi I
could find, and not a single one of them comes anywhere close to the
accurate SoundFont reproduction of FluidSynth. Apparently, nobody else
bothers to support SoundFont 2.1 modulators.

I want to give high praise to all of the programmers and contributors
who have made FluidSynth such a terrific SoundFont synth. To my
knowledge, FluidSynth and the Sound Blaster Audigy series stand alone as the most perfect implementations of the SoundFont spec. The Live! never had proper 2.1 modulator support and the X-Fi synth had so many bugs, it
was unusable!

I have been using SoundFonts for all of my custom sampling work for
years (since 1994), and I have tried a lot of SoundFont-capable hardware and software. As the hardware solutions are going the way of the dodo, I
think it is safe to proclaim FluidSynth as the current king of all
SoundFont synths!

Unfortunately, most people will never get to use it for one simple
reason: FluidSynth does not exist in a popular plugin form such as VST. I understand the licensing issues that have prevented the creation of a VST instrument based on FluidSynth, but I am running into the hard, cold reality that there are no good SoundFont synths available in VST form to use in my music production workflow. Most of my music projects now must be accomplished in Windows, and trying to use FluidSynth (or Qsynth) as
standalone applications alongside my music software is painful, to say
the least. I am having to consider other sampling platforms because of this.

Is there any chance that the developers of FluidSynth would be
interested in modifying the license to allow a VST to be an option,
perhaps something like what LinuxSampler does? I think it would do a lot
for the long-term viability of the FluidSynth project. In its current
state, it is simply too cumbersome to use in my workflow, and many
others will feel the same way and never give it the time of day. This is
a terrible shame for such a wonderful synthesizer.

These are my thoughts at 2:23 in the morning... :)


Have you tried Krzysztof Foltman's Calf LV2 plug-in which in addition to being a monophonic synthesizer and an organ simulator is also a SF2 player ?

Krzysztof has also participated previously on this list, for example:


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