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Re: [fluid-dev] Reading input from a MIDI device

From: Vesa Paatero
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Reading input from a MIDI device
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 00:10:16 +0200
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I'm just getting started with FluidSynth and my problem is that I cannot
get input from a MIDI keyboard... and I can't find any pertinent switches
or help although the man page clearly says that FluidSynth can read
input from MIDI devices.

   If you are using ALSA, you need to connect the MIDI keyboard to the 
fluidsynth input port.
   Use the aconnect command.  First to identify the addresses involved 
(aconnect -ol and aconnect -il).
   Then to actually connect those ports.
   Look in /proc/asound/seq/clients for the ports as well.

Thank you, Dave, I got it working with aconnect and it works well, too: the previous
system I used had a latency problem but FluidSynth seems nicely real-time
     Would it be a good idea to add something about MIDI input connections
to the wiki or somewhere?


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