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[fluid-dev] Using FluidSynth for spoken word

From: Dave
Subject: [fluid-dev] Using FluidSynth for spoken word
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 11:10:56 -0800


This is not really a FluidSynth-specific question, but you all are one of
the most knowledgeable music forums (fora?) I've encountered, so I would
love to get input on this idea.

Here's what I would like to do -- when I press middle C on a midi keyboard,
instead of a musical tone I would hear a spoken phrase, "hello world" for
example. When I press D over middle C, I would hear a different phrase,
"goodbye world" (sounds more gruesome than intended ;).

So I'm thinking this is like a percussion SoundFont, where each note is a
different drum sound. But in my case, each note is a different phrase. Some
are short (e.g. "hello"), some might be long (e.g. "To be or not to be, that
is the question").

Is creating a SoundFont the best way to do this? If so, what is your
recommended SoundFont generation tool? This does not need to be high
fidelity, ease of use is a higher priority for me.


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