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[fluid-dev] Hint for Building with VS 2015 (_MSC_VER>=1900) with #define

From: Anonymous
Subject: [fluid-dev] Hint for Building with VS 2015 (_MSC_VER>=1900) with #define snprintf and C99
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2015 19:03:11 +0000

VS 2015 does comply with C99 according the build-in function snprintf
now when the Win SDK 10.0.10150.0 is included and used by default with
.\ucrt\stdio.h accordingly.

This makes the common define# for snprintf _snprintf obsolete and the
build of fluidsynth with VS 2015 will fail.

The maintainer may take this into account with config_win32.h for the

#if _MSC_VER>=1900
#define STDC99

#if _MSC_VER<1900
#define snprintf _snprintf

Maybe that have been reported  already and did not found it by my
search. In that case, please, ignore my hint.


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