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Re: [fluid-dev] Continuous controllers

From: jean-jacques.ceresa
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Continuous controllers
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 10:59:34 +0200
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Hi, Ben

First , please trust Chris,  a kind advisor.
a)Just want to confirm that adding a "CC Breath MSB (2d) to Initial Attenuation" is the exact response to your initial question. b)Also, the other possibility of mapping CC Breath MSB to CC Expression MSB (11d), works well also (for the reason explained by Chris). Many EWI players can do that kind of mapping from inside their EWI. So that when the player blows, the EWI sends CC 11 with the breath data.

In the patch just posted you can read the procedure to performs step (a) in chapter 3.3.5 p 17, but there are missing informations
Please replace this line:
"2) Adding a CC Breath To Attenuation

with this one:
"2) Adding a CC Breath MSB To Attenuation with a amount of 960 cB.

This amount value is dependant of the synthesizer "dynamic range" capability. Actually FluidSynth range is 960 cB
as the internal audio engine generates 16 bit sample.

Note about step (1) p16:
The step (1), in the procedure (p16) is not mandatory, it just useful for keyboardist who want to control dynamic with only a breath controler (but not with both
key velocity + breath controler).
For EWI player, as far the EWI put breath data in velocity data (which is normally the case), step (1) is unnecessary.


Le 23/06/2016 07:37, Ben Gonzales a écrit :
Hi Chris.

Aha! You sound like someone who might know what to do... I was in the process of working my way through how to do that particular modulator addition. Using SWAMI I'd figured out the concave unipolar negative curve with CC2 as the source, and figured that it should drive the volume attenuation, but couldn't work out what the amount source controller does. SWAMI appears to give the facility to multiply the source controller by the amount source controller by the amount. But I don't see why you need an amount source controller, or what controller you'd use.

I see also that JJ Ceresa has just put in a patch for legato which mentions the "initial attenuation". That sounds like it would be a good target too.

Can you offer any advice?


On 23/06/16 15:16, S. Christian Collins wrote:
I already responded to your question to the group on this matter. Did you not see it? There is no default modulator in the SoundFont spec for CC #2 (breath controller), so support must be added to the SoundFont preset itself using a modulator (CC#2 to attenuation, 96 dB using concave negative unipolar curve). Either that or use a MIDI routing program to filter all CC #2 messages to CC #11 instead, since the SoundFont spec does feature a default modulator that makes CC #11 control the instrument's volume.


On 06/22/2016 10:52 PM, FenderBenders wrote:
Would it be possible to implement continuous controller #2 (breath control) in fluidsynth.
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