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[fluid-dev] Publish MIDI event constants

From: Tom M.
Subject: [fluid-dev] Publish MIDI event constants
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2018 10:41:34 +0100

We have an open pull request that suggests to make various MIDI event constants 


In particular, enums 'fluid_midi_event_type', 'fluid_midi_control_change' and 
'midi_meta_event' are requested to be public. The user argues that all those 
constants may be used in the midi player callback ( 
fluid_player_set_playback_callback() ).

I understand the need. However this step hasn't been done for >16 years. 
Perhaps to avoid that fluidsynth becomes a MIDI (parsing) library. So, before 
making any hasty decision, I would like to ask for opinions on this.


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