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[fluid-dev] (no subject)

From: Tony fish
Subject: [fluid-dev] (no subject)
Date: Sun, 28 May 2023 21:56:38 +0100

Hello first of all thank you for your work. I am currently building an application in Avalonia which allows a user to preview midi files (drums) and then drag and drop them into their recording studio. 
One of this issue I am experiencing is being able to be able to quickly switch between midi files. I am using the midifileplayer. Currently the only way I have stopping the a midi file playing part way through is to dispose (delete the player and synth) etc. I have tried seeking to the end of file, but on playing the next midi after it finishes, it then plays the original midi file. 
The player is set loop, so the use can jam along.
The player has an Add and an AddMem but no way to clear the play list. 
Is there a way to achieve this please, or another option to be able achieve the same things

Thanks in advance

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