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Type 1 driver updated

From: David Turner
Subject: Type 1 driver updated
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 18:55:41 +0100


  Some important updates to the Type 1 driver today. It now features:

   - automatic Unicode charmap synthesis, based on the glyph names
     found in the font. This nearly completely avoids the use of
     special encoding files

   - you can now read AFM files with "FT_Attach_File( face, filename )"
     in order to add kerning metrics to a given Type 1 font (these are
     the only metrics read from the AFM, the other are ignored).

Still to be done:

   - more testing & debugging. Especially, T1_Done_Face is empty,
     so the driver leaks memory for now..

   - support for multiple masters. Is anyone interested in this ?
     What interface could we use ??

   - discard the old, debugged code, for the new loader (which uses
     pattern matching for ultra-fast reads of the Type 1 font, and
     drops the hinter completely).

Note that a new module, called "psnames" has appeared. It is used to
convert a glyph name to a Unicode value, as well as synthetize unicode
charmaps automatically.

- David

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