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I've got a problem with TT_GET_GLYPHINDEX

From: Markus Humm
Subject: I've got a problem with TT_GET_GLYPHINDEX
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 22:07:52 +0100

I'm writing a little API to use Freetype in my programs.
The most important function is OUTEXTXY which places a string onto
screen at x,y.
Therefore it gets the Unicode Table and translates the ASCII-String to
Unicode. Then it wants to get the glyphindex to be able to render the
But TT_GET_GLYPHINDEX always reports 0 (I've tried ARIAL.TTF and
TIMES.TTF which came with Windows 3.x)
They've got a Unicode table and I'm using Freetype 1.3.1 (the Pascal
I've attached my not working code as ZIP-File (Winzip 7).
If you need the TTFs I used, I can mail them as well.

All I need to konow is, why I always get 0 from TT_GET_GLYPHINDEX


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