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Re: I've got a problem with TT_GET_GLYPHINDEX

From: Antoine Leca
Subject: Re: I've got a problem with TT_GET_GLYPHINDEX
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 10:39:29 +0100

Markus Humm wrote:
> But TT_GET_GLYPHINDEX always reports 0 (I've tried ARIAL.TTF and
> TIMES.TTF which came with Windows 3.x)

Seems like you caught a (big) bug!

I wrote a new test program (named write, available on CVS or on today's
snapshot ftpascal.tgz), that allow the use of the charmaps functions.
Using it, I discovered that TT_Get_Charmap is brocken, in the sense that
it does not load the charmap in memory (using Charmap_Load), while it is
supposed to do it.
This is the reason why TT_Get_GlyphIndex cannot work: the charmap is not
actually available!


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