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Re: FT2 design question

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: FT2 design question
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 00:13:48 GMT

> Ok, I probably used 'font' in a wrong way.  What I mean is that the
> scene graph contains the information about the font (in terms of
> family, point size, weight etc.) but the font renderer/rasterizer
> which is associated with it depends on with which DrawingKit you
> render it.  And there is the problem: I can't know just from
> inspecting the font attributes how a particular renderer mapps the
> characters to glyphs.  Ligature information and kerning etc. are all
> optional!  So while I'll cache some default requirements inside the
> scene graph (I could for example put glues with negative sizes to
> represent kerning between characters...) I can't really be sure that
> the exact glyph metrics are preserved among DrawingKits.  The point
> is really to *try* to use the same font on both, screen and printer,
> as much as possible.  But without inspecting the DrawingKits this
> can't be guaranteed.

I fear that there is no solution to this problem with OpenType fonts
if you can't use the same font within the scene graph and the


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