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Re: FT2 design question

From: Just van Rossum
Subject: Re: FT2 design question
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 18:44:50 +0100

At 3:54 PM +0100 28-02-2000, Just van Rossum wrote:
>I already have an implementation in my ad-hoc Python wrapper for ftraster.c
>(it's more convenient in my setup to create outlines this way), I'll look
>into separating them into ftoutl.c|h.
>>(please also define a configuration macro like
>>FT_CONFIG_OPTION_BUILD_OUTLINES to control their compilation. I'm an embedded
>>systems freak, and like the ability to choose which features I want when
>>building a library :-)
>As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm still pretty clueless about a) Make in
>general and b) how the FT2 build system works ;-) so I'm not entirely sure
>how/what you mean. However, if I just provide ftoutl.c and .h, this may be
>used by clients if they want to, but it won't get included by default,

Doh! I hadn't realized ftoutln.c already existed... Now I see what you
mean. Sorry!

(Btw. what is the reason FT_Outline_Translate is declared in freetype.h and
FT_Outline_Transform isn't?)


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