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Re: Freetype 2 API

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: Freetype 2 API
Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 13:42:18 +0200

Hi Claudia,

> Hi David,
> in your "Status report on FreeType 2" you wrote:
> note that the Tutorial is now obsolete. However, I won't update it before 
> having a completely stable API.
> Do you plan further (basic ?) changes for the Freetype 2 API ?
Yes, basically in order to support/make visible the following

  - multiple masters + access to some T1 tables for the formats
    that support them.

  - access to auto-hinting global data (in order to be able to
    cache it outside of the engine, in order to avoid re-compute
    it each time a face is re-opened).

  - a few other internal changes (mainly due to the auto-hinter),
    like the ability to pass additional parameters to a font driver
    when calling FT_Open_Face..

and a few other things. There will be nothing dramatic however..


- David

> Claudia

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