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Re: FreeType 64-bit issues

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: FreeType 64-bit issues
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 10:12:28 +0200

Hi Karl,

  Thanks for your information, I've just commited your 64-bit fixes to
  the CVS tree. Note that FT_New_Memory_Face was already added in


- David

Karl Robillard a écrit :
> David,
> I am compiling FreeType 2 (beta 5 I believe) on a 64-bit system and I had to
> make some changes.
> base/ftcalc.c
>   Changed the LONG64 version of FT_DivFix() to return FT_Long instead of
>   FT_Int32 to match the prototype in include/freetype.h
> sfnt/ttload.c
> truetype/ttinterp.c
> base/ftobjs.c
>   These files contain calls to FT_TRACE1/FT_TRACE2 where pointer values are
>   being printed.  You are using "0x%08lx" and casting the pointers to 
> TT_Longs.
>   The compiler complains about this, saying "warning: cast from pointer to
>   integer of different size". I replaced these with "%08p" and removed the
>   casts.
> include/freetype.h
>   I needed to use FT_New_Memory_Face() so I added the prototype..
> -Karl Robillard

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