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Re: crossplatform TrueType diff. Look

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: crossplatform TrueType diff. Look
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 23:03:05 +0200

Hi Killian,

Kilian Weniger a écrit :
> Why does even the same TrueType-Font looks different
> in Linux (with xfstt, default RH6.1) and Win98-2 (default Microsoft
> TT-Renderer)??
Well, I haven't looked at the code in xfstt for a very, very long time
now, but there may be differences in the way the actual pixel size is
computed from the screen resolution + point size. rounding differences
come to mind..

> Is this because of the different screen resolution  (Win: 96dpi, Linux:
> 75dpi or 100dpi)?
If the resolutions are different, you'll get different pixel sizes.
Actually, the computation is simply something along the lines of:

  pixel_size = point_size * 72 / resolution

> gfontsel also shows different values for e.g. average width with
> verdana.ttf.
Do you mean that gfontsel runs on Windows ? Or do you compare
gfontsel with "xfstt" and "xfsft" ??

Best regards,

- David

> Please help!
> Kilian

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