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Deprecated Type 2 & CFF operators

From: Tom Kacvinsky
Subject: Deprecated Type 2 & CFF operators
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 19:10:28 -0400 (EDT)


> >It is in the Type 2 spec. as being deprecated.
> Hm, I can't find any reference to it. Maybe it's so much deprecated they
> removed it from the spec?

Adobe posted a new spec. sometime back in March.  It is listed in
Appendix C.  I know, I just checked so I wouldn't get egg in my face.

> >It is not yet implemented
> >in ft2.  MM support in CFF fonts is another issue; MM CFF fonts never
> >got released.
> And never will, by Adobe.

Right.  I brought that up to illustrate when something that is
deprecated should not be supported, and when another deprecated thing
should be supported.  See below...

> >kludged endchar fonts did, so ft2 should support them.
> Hm...

I see that you don't "understand" my reason.  I just produced an
example with Distiller 4.0 in which a Type 1 font (when embedded as a
CFF font) used this modified endchar.  The original font used seac for
the accented character, and a lot of fonts do so; moreover, think of
how many Distiller 4.0 produced PDF files are out there.  Now, what
happens if someone writes a PDF viewer that uses FreeType (not an
unlikely proposition), and all of a sudden gets foobar results when
viewing such a embedded CFF font?

Hm... indeed!

> >
> >Yeah, sounds about right...
> I found it; there was a bug in the real number parsing code... I'll check
> the fix in.

Oh goody!



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