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I'm Back

From: David Turner
Subject: I'm Back
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 09:15:49 +0200


  I'm back to work. I'm currently reading the e-mails for the last
  15 days, and it seems you've been rather active in the last 15 days

  I will not answer a lot of the few questions I've read yet, but
  here are a few liberal comments:

    - composites in "mingliu.ttc" cannot be rendered correctly, because
      this font relies heavily on TrueType bytecodes to correctly
      compose the glyphs. FT won't be able to render them correctly
      without an interpreter

    - I have started creating a new module, named "psaux", that will
      contain all Type 1 & Type 2 parsing and glyph loading routines.
      This should reduce code size and avoid redundant code (and bugs).

    - The font drivers do not do anything special when auto-hinting is
      used. However, they are used to return unscaled outlines with
      FT_LOAD_NO_RECURSE to the auto-hinter who does the fitting/scaling
      job then. This is to answer one of Just's questions regarding
      the design of the library. Some drivers may have some problems
      returning master outlines, but this is a normal bug, not a design
      deficiency (fortunately..)

    - similarly, the transform shouldn't be applied when
      FT_LOAD_NO_RECURSE is used in FT_Load_Glyph, (this explains the
      "auto-hinting breaks corrupts rotated text"). I think a simple
      check should do it (I've not seen if this bug has been fixed or
      not yet).

    - a number of other bugs described should be easy to fix too.
      (winfonts driver + autohinting, Type 1 font matrix, etc..)

I'm now reading the rest of the e-mails as well as the latest code
modifications in order to see what has changed. It will probably take
me some time, as I need a few days to come back to speed on the project
after so many days without a single math in my head ;-)

In all cases, I warmly welcome you for your support on the project..

See you,

- David

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