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Draft FreeType 2 API Reference

From: David Turner
Subject: Draft FreeType 2 API Reference
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 23:41:35 +0200


  I have lately updated the Python script "docmaker" that is used to
  automatically generate the FreeType 2 API reference from the source
  file comments.

  A basic draft can be seen at:
  note that a few "bugs" persist (though are easy to fix)

  It doesn't feature any advanced stuff for now (i.e. no hyper-links,
  cross-reference, index, etc..), but I'd appreciate any preliminary
  comments on the subject. I intend to add:

     - sort entries by type (i.e. "types", "functions", "constants")
     - provide hyperlinks
     - provide an index

  The file was generated with the command:

     cd freetype2/docs
     python ../include/freetype/freetype.h > ft2api.html


- David

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