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[Devel] Problems with strdup/free after linking in Freetype/FTGL

From: vngthowhing
Subject: [Devel] Problems with strdup/free after linking in Freetype/FTGL
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 11:06:49 -0800

Hi everyone,

I've successfully used the freetype/FTGL libraries in my application to
display OpenGL text. However, I had to replace all my previously working
strdup/free pairs with a more
awkward, new/strcpy/delete combination because I was getting memory
allocation errors on the free deallocation calls. Using a memory checker
(DevPartner), I discovered that
the memory created with strdup was being allocated with HeapAlloc, and
therefore I needed to use HeapFree instead of the free call. The standard
documentation says that strdup
calls should be deallocated with free (and indeed this worked for me before
I linked in freetype and FTGL).

I've talked to the authors of FTGL and they say that they are not doing any
alternative memory handling. I was wondering if anyone knew if freetype was
somehow linking an alternative
strdup implementation that uses HeapAlloc/HeapFree? I'd like to return to
the strdup/free calls.


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