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[Devel] bug in cffcmap.c

From: Gordon Childs
Subject: [Devel] bug in cffcmap.c
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 18:28:04 +1100

Hey all,
I've had freetype2.1.4 (and all versions through to 2.1.7) segfault when using large subsetted fonts - I tracked the problem down to line 157 of cffcmap.c
(version 2.1.4) in the function cff_cmap_unicode_init:

157: count = (FT_UInt)face->root.num_glyphs;

should be

157: count = (FT_UInt)cff->num_glyphs;

the count used originally is the number of glyphs in the whole font, while what should be used is the number of glyphs in this subset. count is subsequently used to index an array
of size cff->num_glyphs

169:         FT_UInt      sid = charset->sids[n];

charset->sids is allocated thus in several places in cffload.c - it uses the smaller number of glyphs.

error = cff_charset_load( &font->charset, font->num_glyphs, stream,
                              base_offset, dict->charset_offset );

With the change mentioned above I've had no problems, and have stuck with 2.1.4

P.S. When searching for this bug, I tried several newer versions and found that parsing/loading of some type1 fonts had been broken (control never returns), but that's another bug report.

Keep up the sterling work and thanks so much for what you've already done.


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