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[ft-devel] Porting to D

From: Trevor Parscal
Subject: [ft-devel] Porting to D
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 01:36:03 +0000

My name is Trevor Parscal. I am new to the FreeType community, so I am unsure how many of my questions will get answered, but you can't win if you don't enter so here it is...

I am porting the very annoyingly complex FreeType headers to the D programming language ( to use in an cross platform OpenGL application framework I am writing, Terra (

So anyways, I have spent countless hours working on converting the C header files to D import modules, which is always tedious, but I think I got myself in over my head at first on this one.

After getting everything converted, I started debugging, and it was so overwhelming that I just started over and made and attempt to impliment the bare minimum functions and defintions needed to render a TrueType font.

This was a little more successfull, but I ran into the problem that my first question is all about.

Nowhere in the FreeType headers or source was there any actual definition of these types, only refrences to to them to typedef others.


This confused me, since the exact same source and headers compiled a lib for my in MSVC.NET... Not sure how a type can be defined out of thin air like that, so I assume there is a logical explaination...

My next question is if there is any advice that anyone could give me on porting these headers. Maybe there is a wealth of knowledge out there that someone who ported them to another language before could pour out to me.

And finally, I am a web developer and all, so I could help out maybe if you guys need anything web-site/server related. I offer my services for free, you know, for the good of the project.

Despite my dissapointment with the sheer complexity of the header files, I do love the quality of the rendering, so don't take my criticism as an insult. I imagine everyone can see the need for simplification, or maybe that's just my view.. ?

Well, I hope soemone can help me figure this out. Great project, much apprication for the hard work I know it probably took to make FreeType.

Trevor Parscal

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