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[ft-devel] Revisiting LSB [1]

From: Ulrich
Subject: [ft-devel] Revisiting LSB [1]
Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2005 10:49:24 +0200

George Williams writes: [...]
2. What test suites are available?
There is a stress test generation program available from fontforge which
will take a directory of normal fonts, mangle them, and make sure that
the library doesn't crash on them.
(initially designed for fontforge, but modified to work for freetype
It is very difficult to come up with a general testsuite for font
rasterization. There are many possible "good" solutions, the "best" will
vary from display to display, individual esthetics are often different.
-- It's not like a compiler where the result either succeeds or fails.

Sure, but as long as FreeType deterministically produces its results depending on certain parameter settings (including the automatically detected environment) testing is still a matter of deciding whether these results are still the same compared to previously generated results. And like testing other software there has to be a decision by the implementor of the test suite which will be the correct results to use in the comparisions. Testing FreeType's rasterisation would require a set of rasterisation results probably stored in files that have been proven to be correct by human inspection.

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