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Re: [ft-devel] "comp" is reserved word in Apple SC compiler?

From: Christian Demmer
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] "comp" is reserved word in Apple SC compiler?
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 16:39:33 +0200

address@hidden wrote:
>In compilation of ttsbit.c, I receive
>following error:
>>    SC :src:sfnt:sfnt.c -c :objs:sfnt.c.o -includes unix -i :include: -i 
>> :src: -sym off -model far
>>SC C Compiler 8.9.0d3e1
>>Copyright (C) 1985-2000 by Apple Computer, Inc.
>>      TT_SBit_Component  comp;
>>                            ^
>>File ":src:sfnt:ttsbit.c"; line 1358 #Error: illegal combination of types
>>      #-----------------------
>>      for ( comp 
>>               ^
>>File ":src:sfnt:ttsbit.c"; line 1371 #Error: expression expected
>When I replace the variable "comp" by "compo", SC does not complains
>anymore. I grepped MPW's header files and the output by SC's cpp,
>but I couldn't find any part which defines "comp" for their own use.
>In addition, "MrC" (Apple's PowerPC C compiler) does not complain
>about "comp" at all. So, I think "comp" is undocumented & internal
>reserved word for SC.

I never used SC but since I have SC installed I gave it a try. And
indeed comp seems to be a numeric type. I found nothing in the
documentation but I guess it is a complex type. I tried a simple test
case and looked at the assembly output and it generates _FP68K line A
traps. If compiled with mc68881 option SC reports an internal error.

You can avoid the problem when compiling with the option -ansi strict
but I don't know if that is suitable for Freetype

If necessary I can ask on Apple's mpw-dev list. There are still some
people around who probably know.

Greetings, Christian

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