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[ft-devel] building freetype on z/OS

From: annubius
Subject: [ft-devel] building freetype on z/OS
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 21:54:08 -0700

I'm trying to build freetype 2.1.7 on z/OS through USS (Unix System Services).  For the most part it's building but I run into an error with zconf.h.  Since it includes unistd.h it has the declaration of getopt which conflicts with stdio.h.  If the #include<unistd.h> in zconf.h is removed for unistd.h then all is well.  I also determined that it had to do due with the -D_ALL_SOURCE flag that was used on the xlC compiler.  Is this something that is needed for freetype to work successfully?

 Has anyone successfully built freetype in ASCII on z/OS, if so which version?



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