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Re: [ft-devel] Want to work on a project to add support for the 'SVG ' O

From: alekh gupta
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] Want to work on a project to add support for the 'SVG ' OpenType table to render color fonts.
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2019 21:00:07 +0530

Hello Sir,
             As I have mailed earlier also,I want to add support for 'SVG' OpenType table to render color fonts in Freetype 2 project.

I had also discussed about *librsvg* by GNOME as potential library that can fit the job.Although as told by Werner Sir it is porting to rust but still its API is in C.

Freetype is most widely used font renderer and its support for 'SVG' will make it much more diverse and future ready.

We can distinguish fonts that use OpenType 'SVG' fonts based on the fact that 'SVG' fonts and their glyphs are XML-based.They incorporate multiple Colors and gradients in a single glyph.Whether to edit both Glyph positioning(otvgpos.c) and substitution tables(otvgsub.c) or only positioning,I want to know about this.

And rather than creating a new module editing API stuff by defining function to transfer data from font table to the external library and bitmap output back to Freetype can prove to work.

I will like to work on this great project during GSoC 2019.

Sir, please suggest me how can i test Freetype 2 to analyse the changes.And I will welcome any other suggestions.

And Congratulations to Freetype for again getting selected in GSoC.
 - Alekh                                

On Tue, 8 Jan 2019, 9:13 pm Werner LEMBERG, <address@hidden> wrote:

Hello Alekh!

> I am a Computer Science Engineering student interested to work on
> the the project to *add support for 'SVG' OpenType table to render
> color fonts*.  [...]


> I want to evaluate the various SVG libraries which are freely
> available to check which fits the job.  And work on its integration
> into *freetype*.  I will like to work on this as my GSoC 2019
> project.

Hold your horses!  In the end of February we know whether FreeType
will participate at GSoC.

> But i will still like to work on the development of *freetype
> *irrespective of whether it is my GSoC project or not.

Nothing prevents you from starting your work immediately :-) So please
get acquainted with the topic, read the OpenType specification, etc.,
etc.  However, please don't expect as much as guidance as a GSoC
mentor can give.


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