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Re: [ft-devel] Want to work on a project to add support for the 'SVG ' O

From: armin
Subject: Re: [ft-devel] Want to work on a project to add support for the 'SVG ' OpenType table to render color fonts.
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2019 21:35:27 -0000

Hi  Alekh,

> I had also discussed about *librsvg* by GNOME as potential library that can
> fit the job.Although as told by Werner Sir it is porting to rust but still its
> API is in C.

`librsvg-2' looks fine to me:  it is widely supported (on Linux at least), 
developed by a trustworthy team, and proven to be stable + fast.  Rust as 
source language doesn't put me off (for all I care it can be JavaScript as long 
as it works :P); `librsvg-2' would solely be used as a prebuilt library (like 
`libpng' is being used already).

> Whether to edit both Glyph positioning(otvgpos.c) and substitution tables
> (otvgsub.c) or only positioning,I want to know about this.

I am not sure about that, Werner might have an answer for you there :)

> And rather than creating a new module editing API stuff by defining function
> to transfer data from font table to the external library and bitmap output
> back to Freetype can prove to work.

There is enough time to discuss both approaches within GSoC but since you're 
bringing it up:  what's keeping you off the module approach?  To me, a 
proxy/wrapper seems a lot cleaner and reusable. 

> Sir, please suggest me how can i test Freetype 2 to analyse the changes.And I
> will welcome any other suggestions.

I am sure you have cloned and built FreeType from by now.  For quick 
first tests, I would take a random SVG font, and follow the online tutorial 
( to try to load it 
(use `dlopen' with _your_ compiled version of FreeType).  As soon as you have 
managed to load the SVG file (with _your_ build), start making changes to 
FreeType itself, recompile it, and see how things change :) 

Best Armin

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