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Re: Revised SVG stuff

From: Moazin K
Subject: Re: Revised SVG stuff
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2022 15:49:37 -0800

Hi Werner,

If I understand this correctly it means that a test for the SVG table
is not sufficient.  Instead, you have to actually do the call to
`driver->clazz->load_glyph`, and if this fails, FreeType should try to
load a bitmap font, and if this fails, it should proceed with
auto-hinting the glyph from the `glyf` table.

The load_glyph call won't fail even if an OT-SVG glyph is not found, I think. Instead, it'll resort to whatever type of glyph is found. That's the current behavior of cff_slot_load and TT_Load_Glyph.
If necessary, `tt_face_load_svg_doc` should be modified to exit
quickly if there is no SVG corresponding glyph.

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