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Re: Font-rs GSoC Phase 1 update

From: Anurag Thakur
Subject: Re: Font-rs GSoC Phase 1 update
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 04:49:47 +0000

I am working on cleaning up the code and should have numbers to show soon.

I cleaned up the code a bit and used `ftbench` to get performance numbers for the `smooth` and `dense` rasterizers.
There is much room for improvement in the ported code, as can be clearly seen in the performance graph.

(ftbench output for both renderers at 20ppem attached)
Phase-2 will be focused on profiling and improving the performance of the ported code.

Regarding my work on the documentation, I am working on a markdown file that explains the implementation of the smooth rasterizer.

I am collecting all the queries I have regarding the implementation and will post them here soon.


From: Freetype-devel <> on behalf of Anurag Thakur <>
Sent: Sunday, 17 July, 2022, 8:16 PM
To: Werner LEMBERG <>; <>
Subject: Font-rs GSoC Phase 1 update

Hello Werner and other folks,

Here is the status update on the font-rs port for FreeType: 

1. Code: 

I have pushed the ported font-rs code to the "gsoc-anurag-2022" branch (here:

The rasterizer is working now (albeit with some artefacts, image attached), but the code is in a very early stage and I'm working on cleaning it.

It took me longer than I had hoped to get it working, but there should be regular updates from now on.

2. Documentation: 
I have started work on improving the existing documentation (explanations for functions, macros, algorithms), but I feel my understanding of the smooth rasterizer is still lacking.

I have been reading up on the _algorithm_, but I still have some trouble with understanding the _implementation_ in FreeType.

I would really appreciate it if I could get any pointers or resources regarding that, maybe old mailing list discussions or such.

I hope to have a draft of the documentation improvements by next week.

3. Performance Comparison:
I am working on cleaning up the code and should have numbers to show soon.

1. Initial Ported code is in the "gsoc-anurag-2022" branch

2. Documentation is under progress (would appreciate help regarding this)

3. Initial Performance comparisons coming soon.


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