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[Fsfe-france] A la pêcheau Gros Bill

From: Christophe Espern
Subject: [Fsfe-france] A la pêcheau Gros Bill
Date: 03 Feb 2003 02:28:38 +0100


Tout d'abord, désolé pour les non-anglophones


Extraits choisis :


Plan d'attaque

During the roundtable, Mundie outlined Microsoft's decade-long vision to
achieve the goal of "invisible" security.

The first phase of the involved halting design and development efforts
across product groups, while developers were schooled in building
fundamentally secure code.

The next phase involves intercepting several products in mid-development
and building in new approaches to security,"

And as we move into the third phase, we will be developing within our
products a fundamental architecture to maintain that chain of trust.

Labeled by Microsoft as "Designed for Trust," the second phase of the
initiative is being realized this year with the releases of Windows XP
Service Pack 1, Windows .NET Server 2003, and several Web security
standards, which begin the building of a much more robust security
framework into the Windows environment. 

The third phase, dubbed "Architected for Trust," is expected to come to
fruition in products and technologies currently on the drawing board,
such as the next version of Windows, codenamed "Longhorn," and an
initiative dubbed "Palladium" that will provide a new set of features
for the Windows operating system that will work in concert with new
types of hardware and software to provide additional security services
to PCs.

Ma carte graphique est vérolé ... comme ma copie privée :

"For example, today anyone can look into a graphics card memory, which
is obviously not good if the memory contains a user's banking
transactions or other sensitive information. Part of the focus of
'Palladium' is on providing that security from fingertip to eyeball, so
what you type and what you see on your monitor cannot be compromised."

Cherchez le Passport

"The technology will also attest to the reliability of data, and provide
sealed storage, so valuable information can only be accessed by trusted
software components," 


Et un brevet sur Palladium, un !



Agrément de la Federal Trade Commission pour Passport 


"We appreciate that governments will continue to consider Internet
security and privacy a high priority, and we share that priority. In the
end, we believe that a coordinated response to online security and
privacy issues offers the greatest hope for promoting trust online and
for fostering the growth of a vibrant online economy. The agreement with
the FTC reflects this principle."

Et le renseignement militaire ? Et l'espionnage industriel ? C'est qui 
qu'à validé ?


USA/EU : la vie fait le grand écart




Bon, j'ai fini ma journée :)

A +


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