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[Fsfe-france] Re: A la pêcheau Gros Bill

From: Christophe Espern
Subject: [Fsfe-france] Re: A la pêcheau Gros Bill
Date: 03 Feb 2003 02:41:19 +0100

Le lun 03/02/2003 à 02:28, Christophe Espern a écrit :
> Salut,
> Tout d'abord, désolé pour les non-anglophones

J'avais oublié :


Un passeport, un cheval de troie : le kit du tout en un 


Dans la série "Breaking down barriers to trust", je demande le lien
Palladium/Passport : 

Identifying security, privacy and reliability as critical to realizing
trustworthy computing, Microsoft detailed key investments to advance
these goals, including "Palladium," a recently disclosed effort to
create a new architecture for building trusted hardware and software
systems. Microsoft also demonstrated forthcoming Microsoft Passport
privacy and consent tools offering users more control of personal
information in their digital world. In particular, Allchin demonstrated
new technologies that will allow Passport users to easily and explicitly
control their personal information on a site-by-site basis, enabling a
richer and more private online experience.

Notez le nom du lien "le jour de l'ombrelle" et le titre du document
"Bill Gates Details Vision for Phase Two of .NET and Future of Web

De vrais militaires, ces gars là.
A +


"Tout l'art de la guerre est basé sur la duperie" - Sun Tzu

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