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[Fsfe-uk] Summary: Administrivia: html

From: MJ Ray
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] Summary: Administrivia: html
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 17:06:54 +0000
User-agent: Heirloom mailx 12.2 01/07/07

I apologise for the late running of this summary.  This was due to a
fire on the line at a payment gateway.

Summary: fsfe-uk will continue to filter html to text.

Opinions to owner: allow 1, filter 2. (as requested)
Opinions anywhere: allow 1, filter 5.
"Guessed" opinion: allow 4, filter 7.

Allow html: Sam Liddicott, Alex Hudson?, Andrew Savory?, Jon Grant?

Filter html: Matt Blissett, Noah Slater*, Chris Croughton*, Neil
Darlow*, Paul Waring?, Ralph Corderoy?, (MJ Ray)

* - sent to list, instead of admin as requested.
? - not stated explicitly AFAIS, so best guess from list posts.
() - would have been dropped in event of a tie.

Hope that explains,
MJ Ray http://mjr.towers.org.uk/email.html tel:+44-844-4437-237 -
Webmaster-developer, statistician, sysadmin, online shop builder,
consumer and workers co-operative member http://www.ttllp.co.uk/ -
Writing on koha, debian, sat TV, Kewstoke http://mjr.towers.org.uk/

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