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Re: [FSF] Fundraiser appeal for translation

From: victorhck
Subject: Re: [FSF] Fundraiser appeal for translation
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2019 19:05:33 +0200

El 18/6/19 a las 21:33, Dana Morgenstein escribió:
> Hello, translators! Attached is the text for our spring fundraising
> appeal, for translation. Thanks so much in advance for your help --
> hopefully this will help us draw in even more donors and new members
> from the Spanish-speaking world!

Hi list mates!

The text is translated. I made a new proofreading, fixed some typos,
some markdown styles, etc.

I have separate the english and spanish text.

Please make a new peer review, and *please* if you change something
share what have you change here in the mailing list to know last changes.

Don't forget, that we have to follow the GNU glosary:


if the text it's ready, we can share soon to be published.


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