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[gcmd-usr] Bugs and Wishes

From: Christian Schubnell
Subject: [gcmd-usr] Bugs and Wishes
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 23:12:25 +0100


here are some bugs and some wishes that i have found
while the work with gcmd 1.1.3 (self compieled with Debian Sid).


- Sometimes i have the focus in both pannels. I have that
  effect after i have copied some files.
- I rename a directory. After that, i change into that.
  Then, in the headline is the old directory name to see.
  In this situation i cant do anything, because the directory
  is wrong. I must press CTRL+R for a refresh. Then everything
  i all right.


- CTRL+Arrowkey to scroll up and down
- Save the last directory and jump after a restart into it
  (maybe configurable for the user)
- If the command-line is deactivated. I want to search for files
  and directories directly with the keys. I dont want to press
  CTRL+ALT+Key to open a search dialog.
- Key F2 for a quick-rename (same as SHIFT+F6). I know that F2 is
  to refresh the directory ATM. But this function is on CTRL+R.
- Abillity to configure which column should be displayed
- After i have press space to show who many place is needed by 
  the directory i want that the focus automaticly to the
  next directory so that  i can press space after space ...
- Different viewer on the key "F3" by different file-extension.
  Thats good, because i cant press F3 on every file i want. I ever can
  see the content. I a configuration-menu i want to configure
  which programm were started on which extension.
  If i have this feature, my work goes very fast. I dont have to start
  a programm and must open there a file. Ever in gcmd, every file,
  ever press F3 and view the file. Thats greate :-)

I hope you understand my english. I know, it's not the best.
And i hope you understand what i want to say :-)

Thank you for gcmd!


ICQ....: 117391215
Jabber.: address@hidden

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