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[gcmd-usr] GNOME Commander 1.1.4

From: Marcus Bjurman
Subject: [gcmd-usr] GNOME Commander 1.1.4
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 20:05:02 +0100
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For all you OFM-lovers [1] out there, here is a new version of GC.

Lots of bugs are fixed in this version. To name a few:

 * Fixed bug when selecting multiple files with shift+mouse button.
 * Stopped superfluous updates of the file-list on machines with the imon
   kernel patch applied.
 * Cleaned up the file-popup menu.
 * Fixed "File not found"-bug when browsing to the parent dir when the
   parent dir contained spaces.
 * Fixed possible async error when cancelling a xfer operation.
 * Reworked the layout tab and removed the colors tab in the options
 * Improved plugin-system.

Get it from here:



[1] http://www.softpanorama.org/OFM/index.shtml

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