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[gcmd-usr] gnome-commander

From: Micha
Subject: [gcmd-usr] gnome-commander
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 07:55:39 +0200
User-agent: Das Alpenjodeln

Sorry, i screwed some lines up.

It reads:

(4) The 'edit mimetypes' option doesn't work here. The error output says, 

/bin/bash: line 1: gnomecc: command not found

A search for 'gnomecc' in the package database reveals, 

capplets-data: /usr/share/applications/gnomecc.desktop
capplets-data: /usr/share/gnome-2.0/ui/gnomecc-ui.xml

So this issue occurs when starting outside a gnome-session ? 
What gnome-daemon would i have to start ?

(5) Clicking an jpg image launches gimp.  How can i replace it by eog ?
     Clicking on a png doesn't launch anything.

(It mostly seems to boil down to the question, how can i edit the mimetypes.) 

-- micha.

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