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Re: [Geiser-users] Minor spelling/grammar errors in Geiser's documentati

From: Mark Harig
Subject: Re: [Geiser-users] Minor spelling/grammar errors in Geiser's documentation
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2011 12:48:39 -0500

The use of lowercase "i" is intended: as a matter of style (and
i know it's orthographically wrong), i prefer to refer to myself
using a
lowercase "i" (except at the beginning of a sentence, where i
it just as any other word). Silly, i know, but i'm keeping it :)

I'm also keeping the UK spelling for words such as "initialise" or

OK.  I didn't make a decision here other than to use what ispell
recommended.  The goal is to get ispell to find as few errors as
possible (it's impossible to get rid of all spelling errors in a
document that contains non-standard words such as "Elisp").  Is the UK
spelling of "initialise" consistent, that is, is "initialization" also
spelled "initialisation" (as in "Emacs initialization files")?

-When working with a fully conniving Scheme, Geiser can offer the
+When working with a fully conforming Scheme, Geiser can offer the

I'm using "conniving" as a pun for old schemers, and i mean a scheme
which collaborates or conspires with the Elisp part (so "conforming" is
not really what i mean)... does it sound too awkward to natives ears?

-(using Emacs' @code{browser-url} command), while in Guile a lookup
+(using Emacs' @code{browser-url} command), while in Guile a look-up

"lookup" means "the act of _electronic_ information retrieval", which
seems the right term here.

Whenever possible, I went with a standard English.  ispell doesn't
recognize the word "lookup."  Likewise, people commonly say "a
printout", when "a printed copy" would be more standard (less jargon
to learn).

-Emacs initialization files (as a rule, all knobs in Geiser are
+Emacs initialization files (as a rule, all knobs in Geiser are

i have a doubt here: a knob is usually a physical thing that you can
"turn" rather that "tune", no?

1) ispell flags "turnable" as a spelling error.  Perhaps it's like

2) In numerous places throughout the Geiser documentation, you refer
to options as being "tuned", for example, "...a couple of options to
fine tune..." and "...the REPL can be fine-tuned via..."  Using
"tunable" is in keeping with those descriptions.  And when turning
knobs on devices to change settings, it is common to say that you are
tuning to a preferred setting.

-prompted for a host and a port, defaulting to localhost and 37146.
+prompted for a host and a port, defaulting to ``localhost'' and
37146. You
can change those defaults customizing
-and @code{geiser-repl-default-port}, respectfully.
+and @code{geiser-repl-default-port}, respectively.

This was a silly joke of mine... ok, ok :)

OK.  This is tricky in reference material because people do not know
when it is intended and when it is an error.

Apart from the above nits, i'm applying all the other changes shortly,
and i'd like to add your name to the THANKS file if that's OK with
Mark. I'll also add a section somewhere mentioning that this is the
right place to contact The Geiserati.

It's not necessary to mention my name.  I would rather take credit
when I have added some feature to the code or documentation.

I have a few other small notes about the documentation.  Stay
tuned. :)

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