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[Geiser-users] Can't start REPL using Geiser

From: Janek S.
Subject: [Geiser-users] Can't start REPL using Geiser
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 13:55:13 +0100
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Hi guys,

I'm having problems with running REPL with geiser. When I type M-x run-racket 
(or run-guile) the 
REPL doesn't start. I get an empty window instead and an error message in the 
minibuffer: "Wrong 
number of arguments: called-interactively-p, 1" Both guile and racket are in 
the path, my emacs 
version is 23.1.1 and geiser is 0.1.4. I'm using paredit, rainbow-delimiters 
and haskell-mode, 
but disabling them doesn't help. Any ideas?


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