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[Geiser-users] Re-evaluation fails when embedding Geiser into Racket pro

From: Mikhail Maluyk
Subject: [Geiser-users] Re-evaluation fails when embedding Geiser into Racket program
Date: Mon, 13 May 2013 13:29:18 -0400


I'm seeing strange behaviour when re-evaluating code, here is a simplified version that fails for me:

;; hello.rkt

(module hello racket
  (require geiser/server "world.rkt")
  (start-geiser 9999 "localhost"))  

;; world.rkt

(module world racket
  (provide pi)
  (define pi 3.14))

When i edit source code of world.rkt and change pi to be 3.141 and execute geiser-eval-last-sexp i get the following error:
(define pi 3.141)

Error: struct:exn:fail:contract:variable

define-values: assignment disallowed;
 cannot re-define a constant
  constant: pi
  in module: "/home/d/test/world.rkt"
I'm running Racket v5.3.3, Geiser from github #bf1134c65c166eea537bc73797ef6f48cb9b4abe
(compile-enforce-module-constants) -> #f

Any help is appreciated.


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